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Used Warehouse RACK


Call for any used inquiries, as it is difficult to keep this list updated since we receive alerts on structural, push-back, drive-in/drive-through and mezzanines daily.

Used Warehouse Products Include:

Selective Rack
Carton Flow
Structural Rack
Cantilever Rack
Drive-In Rack
Push-Back Rack
Bulk Rack
Pallet Flow
Industrial Steel Shelving
Tire Rack

Lift Equipment

At Camara Industries we have a wide network of dealer to dealer and dealer to customer relationships. Our mission is to earnestly match each and every customer with their specific requirements for new or used material handling equipment.  Whether we outsource or bring you material from a customer's job site, we offer you the most competitive prices on the market today placing Camara Industries as one of the most competitive material handling dealers in the industry.

As your trusted source, we take great pride in troubleshooting any items of concern to bring you suitable solutions and the comfort and insurance of a seamless transition from design to implementation. As a vendor, we take account every order with a vision to establish a long term client to vendor relationship. This means we will work earnestly to do what it takes to earn your business.