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Upright Splices and Rack Repair
Upright splices are a great solution to add that final level to an existing storage system. There is no need to pay a ridiculous amount dismantling your existing system and selling it for cents on the dollar. At Camara Industries, you tell us your desired height and we provide you with the existing frame work to add on your upright. We have all styles available, including structural rack splices for heavy duty structural frames. At Camara Industries, we understand static loads and make no attempts to cut corners by an amateur welder. We know careful situations the minute we lay eyes on them and understand accidents are prone to occur without dedicated reinforcement.

If you find yourself always replacing damaged frames in your facility, maybe its time we tried something different. Our rack repair kits come with a lifetime warranty against impact and can fit any size and style in the market. Our kits are designed to reinforce the original state of the structure without compromising its integrity.