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Structural pallet rack

Structural pallet rack is the strongest of all warehouse storage systems. It is designed to supersede RMI specification with the ability to reach loading capacities of up to 38,000 pounds or more. This storage solution in particular is assembled using bolts that are adjustable at incremental elevations of 2 to 4 inches depending on each frames manufacturer. This is a heavy duty structural rack design capable of supporting the heaviest storage challenges with the capability to combine push back, carton flow and two-deep picking solutions into one structural bay. Its design is manufactured to resist abuse and involve very little maintenance. This solution is perfect for high volume, heavy duty storage in distribution centers. 


  • Available in several colors, sizes and capacities

  • 3" and 4" wide posts for heavier loads

  • Options for bolted style or an automatic interlocking connection

  • Compatible with teardrop style connections

  • Easy access to pallets

  • Heavy duty 7 gauge footplates with multiple holes for anchoring

  • Impact resistant towards forklift damage