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Whether you are looking to tear down a couple rows of pallet rack or an 800,000 SF warehouse, Camara Industries is ready to meet your deadline at any time and liquidate, scrap or move your existing rack into your new facility. Our licensed professionals are insured and experienced installing any style rack or manufacturer to match your existing system.


Once the project installation is complete, our project managers contact the local building department to schedule an inspector to sign-off in order to obtain a racking permit. Finally, we provide the customer with either a hard copy or electronic copy of the plans and collect final payment.

Project Management

From initial contact to site visit, our Project Managers quickly determine quantities to price from drafting rack dimensions into an existing CAD footprint of the facility or a careful site survey using laser distance measuring technology.  These onsite geometric evaluations approximate distances down to a 1” tolerance in order to layout the geometric existing square footage of a facility.

As a result, when the rack layout is set Camara Industries takes a quantity takeoff in order to formulate a formal quote. We then coordinate with city/county agencies to determine the checklist items required for permitting. Once the design is set to meet specification, the order is entered and evaluated for an estimated ship date. When the order ships and arrives, our installers take account to make sure all material arrives and matches the bill of laiden for install. A sample section of the pallet rack is then assembled and signed off to ensure it meets client expectation. A log is then kept of production to meet and monitor deadlines for final inspection.

Facility Design Services

At Camara Industries, we take a careful critical approach at the operation of your facility. Our staff, along with a network of design professionals work together to carefully assist in the most innovative solutions to get your warehouse applications at full efficiency. Our design process includes: but is not limited to the safety, cost, space optimization and functionality of your day to day business goals.


Camara Industries has CAD capabilities to design storage rack systems to meet applicable seismic code compliance. With the coordination of our customers, we bridge the gap with local city and fire officials to get the job done. We make sure we meet NFPA and permitting requirements, to avoid the loss of fines that could cost thousands of dollars.


As easy as a shipment can be, the intricacy of a combination of storage solutions can make shipments and coordination a little sticky. With Camara Industries, you can rest assured our staff stays on top of delivery dates to monitor schedules are met and not delayed on behalf of any transitions. We work with a network of carriers to ensure you, the customer receive the best industry pricing based on volume and weight.