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Wire Deck, Wire Mesh Containers & Rolling Carts Locations:
Phoenix, AZ

Atlanta, GA

St. Paul, MN

Columbus, OH

​Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Nashville, TN

Frankfort, KY

La Mirada, CA

Romeoville, IL 

Auburn, WA

Plants & Stocking Facilities in the US:

Roll Form Include:
Melrose Park, IL

Pontiac, IL
San Diego, CA

City of Industry, CA (Stocking Facility)
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX (Stocking Facility)

Sumter, SC

Summerville, SC (Stocking Facility)

Structural Rack Include:

Long Valley, NJ
Barron, WI
Lamar, SC
Milton, PA
Pocatello, ID
Pottsville, PA
Waterloo, NY

Salt Lake City, UT

Cedartown, GA

Cantilever Rack Include:

City of Industry, CA ​​ 

Omaha, NE 

Houston, TX  

Summerville, SC  

Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

Plants in Mexico:

Mexicali, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico

Matamoros, Mexico

Plant Locations in Canada:

Trenton, ON, Canada

Oakville, Ontario 

Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

Used Material Locations:

Used material can be found in any distribution center across the United States. Give us a call, all of our offers are formulated taking demographics, size and quantity into consideration to remain competitive.

Lead Times:

Production time can vary from plant to plant, busy season to slow season and the item being manufactured. Lead times can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending also on the size of the order. For quicker options, we have a stocking location in Houston or you can order from out quick ship program in Sumter, Summerville, Melrose Park, Houston, Dallas, City of Industry or San Diego.