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flow rail

Flow rail is a great alternative to conventional push-back, drive-in and double-deep pallet rack storage systems. Flow rail can be installed on existing racks or retrofitted inside an existing drive-in system.  As a new system it is a unique chain & rail system that has no pitch (slope) and is non-motorized.
When retrofitted in drive-in, lift-operators load/unload pallets without having to circulate inside the rack structure.


  • Load/unload 75% quicker

  • Storage level can hold a different product SKU

  • Storage capacity increased up to 25%

  • Eliminates 95% of rack damage & repairs

  • Safer environment for lift-operators

  • Reduces wear & tear on lift-trucks

  • Horizontal tracks only 3.5''H

  • Lanes up to 10 pallets deep

  • System does not derail or block

  • No contact in-between material on pallets

  • Track length easy to modify

  • Low maintenance / no parts to replace

  • No special beams required

  • Ok to double-stack pallets