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If your overstocked with pallets then drive-In rack and drive through rack are your ideal solution. Equipped with a first-in / first out design, this storage system is capable of reducing more than 75% percent of your floor space compared to your typical selective rack configuration. These systems offer a high density storage solution available in either roll form or structural channel for heavy duty storage strength. Its versatility and configuration make it capable to deposit pallets from either front or back of the system.

Drive-in rack is also flexible, designed to be conformed to the size of your pallet. It also reduces multiple aisles to eliminate excessive labor, by reducing the amount of forklifts required to operate standard warehouse applications. Its design is engineered for lanes with an excessive amount of SKU numbers for several applications.  Its heavy duty option of C-channel columns, make it extremely durable against forklift impact by offering several column reinforcement designs and leg offsets for forklift safety measures.

When a brand new drive-in system is quoted, the cost is delegated by a series of factors that make it unique considering quantity, pallet weight, number of levels, steel and the systems structural reinforcement. This means any adjustments discounted to meet the demand of demographics, competition or  any other effort to meet our customers expectation will be screened and  accounted for to provide you with a leading industry cost effective offer.