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Carton flow applications are a great solution for any picking operation. Configured with a loading aisle and receiving end to pick and prepare, each shelf will contain built in lanes with adjustable platforms, front and rear beams, cross ties and mini-rails for gravity feeding. Carton flow lanes can be assembled in either selective pallet rack bays or pre-manufactured stand alone units. These lanes are dropped into hangers and available in widths of 9" - 15" wide. Should your product be wider, we can either manufacture your lane to fit your need or offer you a full bed to cover the width of your shelf length. At Camara Industries, we bring you suitable solutions at a fraction of the cost.


  • Great gravity fed order pick solutions to enhance hand picking carton flow operations. Call now for new and used options available.

  • Available in aluminum tracks or beds to redeem complete bay width for space utilization

  • Easy to install drop in design with availability to elevate pitch and item clearance for beam levels

  • Gravity fed conveyor with tough steel durability for long lasting use

  • Available with label holders for item/package identification

  • ​Available with lane partitions