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Racking Plans

Oftentimes our clients are provided with an existing architectural drawing of their facility, allowing a rack layout to be very smooth. In other cases, no rendered files are available and an onsite visit becomes a critical evaluation that involves precise distance measuring tools to draw and develop an approximate sketch of the column grid with an integrated storage system.

Racking Elevations

By having pallet specifications and measurements, Camara Industries designs elevations to ensure your product fits and has the proper picking space to load and offload inventory. This assessment in turn aids to ensure you meet the necessary load requirements and redeem the maximum vertical space available without violating any fire sprinkler codes.

Site Evaluations

From the moment you call, we exercise necessary action to visit your facility and  evaluate any ideas, challenges or items of concern. This experience is the one we enjoy the most as we are able to educate our customers with expert advice in planning and  product selection to provide the customer with an awareness of their options available. 

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At Camara Industries, we offer a large variety of material handling products to suit your specifications. From new and used pallet racking solutions to industrial shelving, we can help you improve operations and efficiency in multiple facilities. Whether you need some rows of teardrop rack or drive-in racking we are excited to tackle your challenges. We take pride in bringing you the right solution to optimize your space and increase production. As a part of our services, we provide one-on-one consultation, project management, warehouse storage rack plans and elevations, professional installations, assembling and dismantling, warehouse reconfigurations, shipping and project permitting. 

Camara Industries will ship anywhere in the world and stand as a leader in the material handling industry. Our installation team is licensed and insured to bring you fast, safe professional installations under our project management. Our permitting services extend throughout North America, serving all 50 states and provide you with the necessary stamped and engineered drawings to meet your city and/or county approval.